Let’s Know Short Story About Ayesha Hospital.


It all started in year 2010. “When we started out in 2010, we noticed that patients in Dhaka had to wait as much as a week to get their results,” says Mr. Tayeb , Founder and Managing Director of Ayesha Medical

Let’s Know Short Story About Ayesha Hospital

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Excellence through innovation is the central concept of our vision. Together with the concept customer satisfaction with persistent relationship is the  of our corporate culture. This vision helps us to find the driving way. In a competitive and fast-changing world, the business dynamics are constantly changing. Today only innovation can bring excellence and add value to products and services that can satisfy our customers.

  • Keep Patients First
  • Pursue Excellence
  • Keep Everyone Safe TEXT
  • Manage Your Resources
  • Work Together
  • Keep LearningTEXT

In healthcare sector, service excellence is the facility of the hospital as healthcare service provider to consistently meet.